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Heritage Telephone Extension Numbers
Although the Elementary/JH office is staffed from 7:30am - 4:00pm, incoming calls to the Homer building
are answered by an automated answering system. The recording lists the staff members’ extension numbers,
but if you already know the extension number, you would not be required to listen to the entire message each
time you call. The Homer building extension numbers are as follows:
16- Dial “16” to report your child’s absence from school, or a change of dismissal plans for that day.
10- Mrs. Stacy James, Secretary 17- Mrs. Shelley Fitzgerald, Transportation Secretary
11- Mrs. Kristi Sanders, Principal 18- Ms. Amy Courson, District Librarian
12- Debbie Greer, Activity Accounts 21- Mrs. DiAnne Boyd, Nurse
Lunch/Milk Money 22- Ms. Karen Heckman, Kitchen
Calendar/Newsletter 32- Dr. Katrina Pakonen-Hueber, Psychologist*
14- Connections, Mrs. Lisa Brooks, Teacher 32- Ms. Maryjo Coolidge, Social Worker*
15- Deana Wolf, District Bookkeeper * social worker and psychologist share an extension


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