Heritage High School Industrial Technology

"Hello, my name is Mr. Gerard and I have been teaching Industrial Technology at Heritage High School since 2001. 

Whether it is helping a student with an architectural drawing or seeing their satisfaction as a project comes together, I get a great deal of enjoyment out of working with my students."




High School Looking for Next Project

Heritage High School will be finishing up construction this semester on a concession stand for the new baseball diamond in Broadlands. Industrial Technology instructor Scott Gerard said, “we’ve built small garages, sheds and playhouses in the past and we are now looking for our next build”.

Pictures of previous Construction class projects are on the school web site in the “Industrial Technology” section. If you are interested in having HHS build a project for you, call the high school at 834-3393.


Updated Spring 2013 Industrial Technology Picture Gallery (click on thumbnails for larger version)


Updated Fall 2011 Industrial Technology Picture Gallery (click on thumbnails for larger version)


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Construction 09-10
JetHawks RWDC State Champions!
Intro to House Construction
Dog Houses    

Previous Years Industrial Technology Picture Gallery (click on thumbnails for larger version)

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