Heritage COVID-19 Positive Result UPDATED 10-23-2020

Updated Friday, October 23, 2020  

To the Parents, Guardians, Stakeholders of Heritage Schools:  

The Heritage District was informed by county public health yesterday that an individual in the district has tested positive for COVID-19.  That individual is an adult employee. Contact tracing began immediately conducted by the county health department where the employee resides.  The district is assisting the health department with supporting information.   

Per federal HIPAA law and the health departments’ policies, no further school or medical information will be released.  This is standard health department policy, especially given the small size of our district.   

Some of our stakeholders have asked for more identifying information, however Heritage CUSD #8 will follow the guidelines and direction of health officials.   

Contact tracing conducted by the health department is the standard process for official communications with individuals who may be effected.  Parents of students and/or employees may be contacted during the contact tracing process and given further instructions.            

We continue to be impressed with the quick and concise communication and actions that have taken place with the individual and the county upon the report of the positive result yesterday.   

Any further communication will come at the direction of county health.  


Tom Davis, Heritage #8 Superintendent