Heritage COVID-19 Positive Results - UPDATED 11-4-2020

Heritage Schools COVID Update - 3 CURRENT CASES 11-4-2020

To the Parents, Guardians, Stakeholders of Heritage Schools:  

The Heritage District was informed by county public health today that a K-8 student at Homer has tested positive. The student was last in the building October 30. A K-8 student was previously reported and was last in building October 27. The high school has  one current positive case and that student was last in building October 27, so the district currently has 3 positive student cases and no positive staff cases. A number of students are on quarantine periods out of school due to contact tracing. 

Parents of students are now being contacted by the school district in addition to public health due to the overwhelming number of cases and quarantine orders in Champaign and surrounding counties.   The district is assisting the health department with supporting information, and public health is working as quickly as possible on contact tracing.  Anyone identified within the contact time and distance guidelines from tracing interviews, class lists, seating charts, and bus seating will receive instructions from county health on mitigation measures and will also receive a call from Heritage Schools with quarantine information. 

The school will continue comprehensive daily cleaning efforts, though the school buildings and in person learning have not been connected to any cases within the district to this point, the exposures have been outside the school day and buildings according to tracing reports.  

Please continue to check temperatures every school day morning before boarding a bus or dropping off or walking to school and accurately fill out symptom check sheets to be turned in daily.

You can inform the main office for your student(s) of any exposure or symptom situations and absences are fully excused for any COVID-related reasons.

The district will determine if student or staff cases/quarantine numbers necessitate a switch to a period of remote learning, which would be communicated through all our platforms.