Heritage Parent Letter In-person/Remote Learning Information 2nd Semester 2021 DECISION DUE by 12/18/2020

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Heritage School Parents,

We hope this email finds all of you well. Today was in-person learning #74. Please take just a few moments to check your student’s grades on STI Chalkable InformationNow as we approach the end of our 1st semester. It is a cumulative report of how your child is doing in all classes. Should you need assistance we would encourage you to reach out to your student’s teachers regarding your individual concerns.

For the second semester we will once again provide families with an option for in-person learning or remote learning.

OPTION #1 IN-PERSON LEARNING AT SCHOOL ENROLLMENT Students taking part in-person learning will attend school each day for 4 hours of in-person instruction combined with 1 hour of remote learning. Exactly how we did the first semester. Students taking part in in-person learning wishing to remain in-person do not need to notify the counseling office. Students wishing to return to in-person learning from remote learning will need to notify the HS counselor Patti Knott for high school students and Principal Kristi Sanders for K-8 student Friday December 18, 2020. In the event of a spike in COVID positive cases or a state-wide closure, we will revert to either short term or long-term remote learning provided by Heritage teachers. In the event the State of Illinois moves to Stage #5 Heritage Schools may return to in-person learning for a longer or the entire day normal school day. OPTION #2 REMOTE LEARNING FOR ENTIRE 2ND SEMESTER Remote learning for all students choosing this option will be provided through a third party vendor (Educere) and paid for by Heritage Schools. Many of our students are already familiar with Educere as we used them for the entire first semester. https://www.educere.net/ Parents/guardians wishing to choose remote learning for the second semester must notify the school main office by FRIDAY DECEMBER 18TH, 2020. Choosing all-day remote learning will be a decision that is in place for the entire second semester (through the last day of school in May regardless if we return to school). Continue to page 2 -> The High School guidance counselor Patti Knott will work with all High School students to register them for classes and monitor their progress. Elementary/Junior High students will be registered for current class offerings through Principal Mrs. Sanders. All grades and credits earned will be placed on the student’s transcripts and will count towards a student’s G.P.A. & Class Rank. All courses are ISBE, IHSA, IESA, and NCAA approved. Students who choose the remote learning option will still be eligible to take part in all extra-curriculars as per ISBE/IHSA/IESA/IDPH guidelines when those resume.

Important Upcoming Dates – Additional Information at: www.heritage8.org

December 18th Last day to declare in-person /remote learning December 18th–Jan 3rd Winter Break January 4th Teacher’s Institute January 5th K-12 Students return